August 11, 2006

We're having a heatwave.......

Finally got my kit finished I am so please with how it turned out. I got a little creative with the papers the texture looks like silkscreen!

Wanna see it......

it can be yours for $2.00 on sale for the month of August only.

August 07, 2006

Fiji Time......

Yes, we have been and come back, our short stay in Fiji was over toooooooo quick! What a fantastic place to holiday!

Accommodation View from the Coffee shop we had breakfast at!

NO TV, DH forgot to get his mobile set to international roaming so NO phone! We could only sit on the beach, swim in the pool, drink and eat *sigh* how awful.....hehe!

We spent a day on an Island, ooooooo I so wanna go live there, it was just heavenly!

Bounty Island, we were the only ones there, well us and about another 30 people....good job we knew them!

One night we had entertainment provided, it was too cool, well not for the blokes with the torches.

And everything was done in Fiji a very slow pace! This suited me just fine, so much so I am still on Fiji time.....hahahahaha! I did try and convince DH to buy a boat and we island hop for the rest of our lives but he wouldn't be in it (no sense of adventure)!

Do you like the cool pics, thank you Canon 350D/Rebel XT, was a bit naughty and bought it before we left! I am so impressed that I took these photos, not cut off heads or shots of the floor, just got to learn how to use it properly now!

Well I'm off, I have a kit to finish....with a tropial theme of will compliment my part of the SDK freebie!


Oooops, where did the shop go........

Due to technical difficulties (translated: to we are not sure what the problem is) the store was down! While this was only a tempary situation, one can never tell with the virtual world, it is a pain in the butt when this happens *sigh*! Still, I love a challenge so it didn't take long to have the store back up and running :grin:

Sorry if it inconvienced anyone, as a thank you for your patience here is a sneak peek at next weeks addition to the SDK freebie -

Please leave a little love if you like it, it will make Jeannie's day!

July 01, 2006

I'mmmmm baaacccccckkkkk!

Hahaha, has it been so long since I last posted, not that anyone reads this anyway!

Cool things happening at the shop here is the freebie we are giving away, get it while it last!
A new one comes out every month!

Spring into Summer FREEBIE only at
I did fun things with the Scrap Girls Advanced brushwork course - was just a little slack in posting my assignments (only did three of the six), but it was such a good course I learnt heaps!
Here's a little sample of what we did -

May 23, 2006


I did it, I quit my job, yep....uh huh...gonna go work for Hubby, less hours than I am doing now....yay! I will be his Digital Image Center creative person....woohoo...I am soooooooo excited!

I still have two weeks at my old job and one of those will used up training the new person! That is giving me the colliewobbles...only one week to try and tell someone everything that my job involves....eek! Like anyone new there is no way they will take it all in, plus I am bound to forget lots of little stuff, there is just so much I do I don't think about. Still no one is irreplaceable, I am sure the new person will do just fine!

Making the move just feels so right, I don't know why I had doubts, I haven't slept so well in ages! I just have to keep my feet on the ground for the next two weeks, at least, and concentrate on tiding up at work! Better delete my fav folder out of internet explorer.....hehe!

What else have I been up to....oo, oo I enroled to do Advanced Creative Brushwork over at Scrapgirls! We have just completed Week1 Lessons, it was so much fun, and I learnt so much about blending modes! Just received Week 2 Lesson and I am eager to start (usually a good sign that I am enjoying it)!

Oh well I better go and do some work.....have a good day!

May 18, 2006

Oh Hum

In a little depressive mood at the mo.....finding it so hard to get motivated to do anything and I am always tired....blah! I need to make a lifestyle change but not sure what to change or even if I can :sigh:!

Well that is a cheery way to start a! Lets try that again....

DH is having a new imaging photo center installed at work...this sounds like the bee's knees in technology....not being a shy person I hinted that maybe he needs a scrappin person to look after this for him :grin:! Although the reaction on msn was what I was hoping for, we didn't discuss it much when he came home :pooh:! I had so many thoughts whizzing in my head yesterday, this could be a dream job playing with other peoples photos! Sorting out the logistics at home will be my biggest stumbling block, I have always felt guilty for not being home for the children, even thou they are now 19 and 16 I still feel they should have me at home as much as possible! I just know if I go to work for DH the pay will be less, the hours will be longer (include weekends) and I will feel horrible that I am neglecting the teens but I would be so much happier doing something I enjoy! Then I start on the 'what if's'....what if I am no good at the job, what if we can't manage on less money, what if it is too much for the teens! I never used to be such a thinker (god I hate it) I use to just take a leap of faith knowing everything will work out.....what makes me so afraid to have a go :sigh:! Oops, sorry slipped back to that depressive mood!

Ok here is a little trick I have learnt through out my 41yrs of life! When ever depression strikes don't give into it, do something postive, if that something postive is for someone else you feel even better!

Woohoo I think I will post a freebie here on my blog, it is a little something I have been playing around with, if you like it please leave me a comment so I know I am on the right track!

Click on the pic to download, when it opens right click and save file as .png! HGD (have a Great Day)

May 12, 2006

Ever have....

one of these moments???? I got up late this morning (again...must turn the alarm on) so did DH, still tired! Immediately start thinking of all the things I have to do at work, which co-worker will be the first to harangue me for computer advice, which co-worker will be the first to whinge coz something is not done their way, my mood was not improving! DH is in the kitchen (only room for one and he doesn't like people near him...not a morning person) and I am sitting at the breakfast bar with DD listening to her talk about what Uni offers what course, yadda, yadda (this I really enjoy coz most mornings she doesn't speak to anyone.....also not a morning person, lol).....time is marching on so DD gets up to grab her stuff for school....her seat at the breakfast bar is taken by DS (just woke up)...DD comes back into the room and DS says hello, which is ignored (not unusual), he makes a few good natured comments...DD then comes up to us and leans in...I'm thinking she is going to give me a kiss goodbye and lean towards her....nope she was just reaching for her lunch so I make a few good natured comments....she then makes a point of going to Dad and gives him a big kiss and hug plus 'have a nice day' is thrown in with one of the cheekiest smiles I have every seen......DH is trying his hardest not to laugh....DS and I look at each other and burst out laughing.....just one of those times when we are all smiling and laughing together sharing a moment...needless to say this brightened my mood considerably.....I was still smiling on my way home from work....sometimes life doesn't get any better!!!!!!

May 05, 2006

No I haven't left town

WOW I can't believe it has been so long since I blogged or blog hopped for that matter! I feel like the white rabbit - so many things to do and so little time - 'I'm late, I'm late for a very important date'!

Where to start, ok about two weeks ago I decided to upgrade the store program and broke it! No I wasn't smart, I didn't have a back up, well that is not entirely true there is a backup on the server I did ask to have restored but......anyway ended up loosing the site and and all the customer info, ended up reinstalling and reconfiguring.....boy did that seem to take for ever! I worked out I have 4 hours a night to play and do stuff so it is not good when I brake things ::embarrassed::! Still gotta look for the positives, I learnt heaps ::grin::, now have a front page for the whole site, changed the colour and look of the store, recruited some more friends to join me and organized a CT team for the store! ::Phew:: no wonder my brain has gone on holiday!

Of course while I have been playing with the site I haven't got much else done! I was hoping to have finished the front garden by now and started painting the laundry and hallway but that will all have to go on the back burner while I catch up with more important things ::sigh::!

April 19, 2006

Blog Hopping

I'm sooooo bad, I've been blog hopping, this in its self is ok but not when you are at! So many cool blogs out there to read, can you tell I don't want to be at work.....I must be due for a holiday...hehe! No holiday for me just yet, I have to be patient and wait until July when my wonderful, thoughtful, loving DH will wisk me away to Fiji for 4 days with no children! I am not sure if I can remember what that is like (the no children bit), but I am sure once we are in Fiji those memories will come back......rofl!

April 17, 2006

Why oh why do holidays have to end?

I have soooooo enjoyed the past four days off! Unfortunately thoughts of work are intruding in my's hard to be creative thinking of work! I do so wish I could stay at home but then that has always been my wish.....:sigh: finances just don't allow it at the moment!

At least I got this LO done before the yucky work thoughts intruded....hahaha!

Pretty Pastels Kit by SammyD (available soon at SDK)

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

I'm a bad Mummy - every year for the past 18yrs, the kids have gone on an easter egg hunt! This year as the 'kids' are 19yr and 17yr, we didn't do one, boy was that a wrong move! One I will be made to pay for in years to come! But I will have my revenge - every year now and for the rest of their lives we will have an easter egg hunt, regardless of how old they are! This brings up mental images of doing easter egg hunts in wheelchairs with grey hair....hehe! Hmmm guess this means I better not tell them that Santa isn't real......hahahaha!

Country Capers kit by SammyD
(available soon at SDK)

Our little flower, when she was four, we now call her blossom! I guess there will come a day when we will have to call her something more adult but for now blossom fits!

April 15, 2006

Two down - two to go

Yay, another garden bed done, even though the weather report said wind, rain and possible hail! The day was over cast and I thought goody it won't be too hot.....haha....wrong...the sun came out just as I started weeding. It must of been really hot or I am really unfit, don't think I have sweated so much in a long! Very slowly I am getting there, of course you can't rush a good thing either...:grin:!

I did a bit of painting too, I got some sample pot of colours I thought I might paint the lounge room in, but now we have a new timber dining suite I think I have changed my mind about the colours...hehe...thats not like me!!!! I painted a wall in the laundry in one colour and a wall in the hallway in the other and I think thats where they will stay! Just means I will have to finish off the laundry and hallway now....hmmmm maybe after the garden!

April 13, 2006

Back in Black

What a hoot, hopped to Robin's blog and took the quiz "What's Your Theme Song!". AC/DC apart from being a cool Aussie band, had some of THE best songs I grew up with, now "I'm Back in Black" yeahehehhhha!

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC
"Back in black, I hit the sack,I've been too long, I'm glad to be back"
Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.But each time you stage your comeback, it's even better than the last!

I was a bit amused by the 'sometimes things get really crazy' hahahahahahaha that seems to be my life most of the time. I don't think I have ever stopped to look before leaping, cos if ya don't give it a go ya'll never, never know! Makes life interesting......:grin:!

April 06, 2006

Sooooo Excited!!!

TracyB and I have decided..........................that we need to expand the SDK Store just a little, so we are looking for a couple of (2) Kreative designers and four (4) Kreative Team members to jump on board with us! If your interested please send emails to with a link to a couple of your galleries or stores you already sell your designs at, designers could you also include a sample. Budding designers are encouraged to apply, we would love, for you to get your feet wet with us!

We are going to make some changes in the store too, so be on the look out for a new product category 'On the House' to grab some freebies, Themed Member submissions where you can win a $5 Gift Voucher (details in the SDK Newsletter), we will also have all new kits discounted 50% off - for the first week and some kits will be free for the first week! Woot how could you not love that!

April 02, 2006

Sunday Blues

Ugg.......I thought I should do the ironing! I am sure it breeds in the cupboard, I swear there was like 5 years worth, then decided if I throw it all in the bin problem solved........hahahahahaha (oh I wish)! I truely do hate ironing by the time I finish, my legs ache, my back hurts and I am depressed! I could of been scrapping.....wwwaaaaaahhhhh!

Hehe but not all was lost I did create a header for my blog!

April 01, 2006

Look at my garden now

Ok so it's not the whole garden yet, just one small garden bed so far, but what a difference! It has only taken three years....haha!

I even managed to get to a RAKscrap chat today, I'm so good, I have outlook configured with two time zones now (EST and Australian)! Woot, should never miss a chat now, unless of course I ignore my!

March 31, 2006

Thank God its Friday

Woohoo, this would have to be one of my most favorite days! Half day at work and the start of the weekend! Takes me back to when I was in school and Alice Cooper (an old rock star for those that haven't heard of him) was popular - 'no more typing, no more books, no more Boss's dirty looks'. Ok not quite how the song goes but hey it works for

I have decided that my front garden needs attention in a BIG way so I am off to the garden centre to get mulch and bark chips. If I am lucky this may impede the weeds, I am not a gardener, I so need all the help I can get (and Hubby said I couldn't employ a cute little gardening man....hahaha).

I really should be sewing, I want to give my lounge room a country look, and it ain't gonna happen by itself....ho hum I will get motivated eventually.

March 29, 2006

New Blog

Woot, I have finally done it, I have a blog of my own. Not sure exactly what to do with it now but I will figure it