March 31, 2006

Thank God its Friday

Woohoo, this would have to be one of my most favorite days! Half day at work and the start of the weekend! Takes me back to when I was in school and Alice Cooper (an old rock star for those that haven't heard of him) was popular - 'no more typing, no more books, no more Boss's dirty looks'. Ok not quite how the song goes but hey it works for

I have decided that my front garden needs attention in a BIG way so I am off to the garden centre to get mulch and bark chips. If I am lucky this may impede the weeds, I am not a gardener, I so need all the help I can get (and Hubby said I couldn't employ a cute little gardening man....hahaha).

I really should be sewing, I want to give my lounge room a country look, and it ain't gonna happen by itself....ho hum I will get motivated eventually.

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  1. Yeah, you got a blog and it is great!! I love to blog hop and see what others are saying - now I have another to add to my list - thank you! Don't forget - it is friday - time for the april gallery mixer tonight - 9:30 (?) pm est at RAKScraps! See ya there if you show! Great blog!