March 31, 2012

Day 4 - Chemistry 101

More watercolour fun...

I learnt today my collection of stamps is about as woeful as my collection of archival  Stamping was never something I got into as I didn't like the effect and my colouring in with markers is the pits. So when the first technique asked for a stamp with open areas all I could find was this bunch of flowers...bahahahaha, but hey at least it was something and I could still practice watercolouring with Distress Re-inkers.  Technique #2 called for Distress Re-ink misters that you can create yourself, if you have mini mister bottles of course (something else to add to the list) oh and stencils o_O, who uses stencils these days.  I think I have some of those... somewhere in a room... in a box... in a folder or something, will have to go on a hunt - maybe next week...hehehehe.

Last but not least, and I love this technique too - Technique #3 creating your own custom stamp pad!  How awesome is that butterfly stamped image, the stamp pad I created will last for hundreds of stampings and can be re-inked when necessary.  Customized, unique stamp pads... ooooo I just get so excited at the possibilities of what I could create!  Hmmm but first I better buy some cool stamps :wink:

Have a great day!

Day 3 - Chemistry 101

A new way to use Alcohol Inks...

Woohoo... Day 3 was not only fun but also a little funny hahahaha, well to me anyway.  Today we learnt how to be creative with Alcohol inks, that is the tag with the Admit One stamped on it.  Love, love, love this technique, the photo doesn't show it but the background is so cooool!  Next up was stamping with bright archival inks then applying one colours of distress ink over the top.  Of all the items I have in my craftroom and I have a few, I have a total of 2 (two) archival ink pads one in black and the other coffee... this was when I started to laugh :)  Whats a girl to do except stamp with the 2 (two) archival inks and use different coloured distress inks for the background instead of the one.  I think I rather like the effect...hehehe. 

Unfortunately that was all I could do for Day 3 as Technique #3 was using an embossing folder with a negative space in the middle... nope don't have one of those and a reflections stamp (the stamp is backwards)... ummm nope don't have one of those either.  Ah well, I will just have to add them to my list of things to get :).

Have a great day!

Day 2 - Chemistry101

Class is in...

I have become obsessed with Tim Holtz vintage style every since a friend pointed out his 12 Tags of Christmas tutorials last year.  I have been on a mission every since to buy everything he has developed as well as learn how to use the darn stuff.  Low and behold just when I was really starting to get into all this inky business, along comes a course on how to use all the goodies I've bought...YAY! 

I was a little late to classes due to holidaying with my girl but have proceeded to play catch up.  Day 1 of class was an introduction to the different types of inks and dyes and their properties.  They say you learn something new everyday, so far it's

Day 2 had us spritzing and flicking, playing with brush-less watercolour and wrinkle-free distress.  A couple of these techniques I had picked up during the 12 Tags tuts, but brush-less watercolour???  Let me just say I can not draw or paint to save my life, thank goodness these are not required for this technique.  Brushe-less watercolour relied on my ability to ink a stamp, spritz it with water then stamp it onto watercolour paper... I think I have just found a new crafting love :D

So much fun and new things learnt!

Have a great day!

March 29, 2012

A Taste of Adelaide...

Hi folks...

::WARNING:: lots of photos :D

I've been on a bit of a holiday...yippee!!!  I've just spent 5 days with Blossom in her new home town South Australia, such a pretty part of Australia.  I just have to say I had an absolutely fabulous time and really feel rested and relaxed, thank you Blossom.  This was what greeted me as I walked in the door...

Blossom had arranged outings each day of the weekend and dinners out every night. What's a mother to do but go along with the plans :grin:.  Oh the food... I don't think I have eaten so much in a very long time.  Friday night we dined at Stella Restaurant, I was so excited to be with my girl I forgot to take photos which was a shame as the meal was divine. 

Saturday we had a quick breakfast at a Coffee Club and a quick stop in Target where I picked up some Winter clothing on sale before heading off to the Adelaide Hills for the day.  The Big Rocking Horse was our first stop, I struggled not to buy every toy I, but I did pick up just a few for Grandma's Toy box :wink:.

Hahndorf was our next stop for a Schnitzel lunch and a bit of a stroll around the town.  The Hahndorf Inn was so busy we didn't sit down to lunch until 2.30 but the Schnitzel was divine and well worth the wait.  We made it back to Adelaide to squeeze in a bit more shopping and pick up something for dinner, as we were still full from lunch we decided not to go out to eat :whew:

Sunday we had a late start to the day with breakfast at the pancake kitchen.  This is not a good photo but you get the idea.  Bacon, eggs, tomato, pancakes, maple syrup and whipped butter...yummo!!!

We followed this up with a trip to the Adelaide Zoo, complete with panda's...I.Heart.Panda's.  I actually cracked out my dSLR for this outing, so glad I did as I got some good photos of the animals.  A quick stop at home to freshen up and change for dinner at Sammi's on the Marina.  Seafood here we come and boy was it gorgeous, crumbed King Whiting, prawns and calamari that just melted in your mouth...

Coffee Club for brunch Monday... and a BLT that was awesome...

As Bloss has a unit within walking distance of a beach, I forced myself to take a stroll each day she had to work...hehehe.  I sure could get use to this view...

We followed up a lazy day with Gold Class Cinema tickets to The Hunger oh wow am I spoilt or what!

Alas Tuesday was the day I had to leave for home, so it was an early breakfast at Coffee Club followed by a walk along the beach...

I just had time to check Google reader before Bloss arrived to take me to the airport.  It was a truly wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable break from the usual routine.  I sure do miss my girl everyday but so thankful she is not too far away that I can't visit on a regular basis.  I've already planned my next visit and this time Dad will be coming with me :grin:.

Have a great day!

March 24, 2012

The Big Rocking Horse

Out for the day with my girl in the Adelaide Hills :) Next stop Hahndorf for schnitzel lunch!

March 21, 2012

Picture books are fun!

Somebody found my scrapbooks and photobooks...

Have a great day!

March 20, 2012

To group or not to group...

Here's a great little How To tutorial on the Grouping Tools in MyMemories Suite V3...

Now you've had a peek into one  fo the great features of the software, I'll let you in on some of the other great things you can do with this easy to use program... create your own albums and photobooks!!!  Plus when you use my Coupon Code: STMMMS22909 you'll get a $10 discount off the purchase price!!

Have a great day!

March 16, 2012

Project Life and FREEBIE!

Project Life - Week 6...

I have to say I really, really thought doing project life digitally would be so quick and I would have no trouble keeping up but... because I am a bit of a ditherer when it comes to scrapping, most pages take 2 -3 days to complete :(  and I just don't want to spend that much time on them.  So I decided that I need to speed up my scrapping process.

Bright idea no.1 - place all templates and digital element into one Photoshop .psd file, grouped according to type or size.
Bright idea no.2 - open all photos I want to use, add these to the .psd file and then choose a template based on the photo places holders and journal spots required.  I was able to see immediately where I could change the template to suit my needs instead of trying to make what I had fit a standard template.  A little more creative freedom...YAY!!!

This process is a definite improvement, these two pages came together so much quicker in terms of which background paper would look best with the template arrangement.  Being able to turn element groups on and off was just brilliant.  No more opening one file placing it on the layout, decide I didn't like it or it wasn't the right size, delete the layer and start again.  I was able to choose all elements quickly and see where I could add a few of my own...way less dithering.


and the freebie... the flower and tape strips I added to my page 1 for this week!

DOWNLOAD HERE! Enjoy and don't forget I'd love you to leave me a link to your creation when you use the freebie :)
(Downloads available for a short time only)

Have a great day!

March 15, 2012

Life is a Journey...

Hi Scrappers, how is your week tracking...

I am diligently working on my Project Life pages to catch up, I should have some pages to show soon :wink:.  I started a mini album for my Blossom last week, coz I have nothing else to do right but sometimes you just have to go with the ideas when they strike.  What started out as a simple idea... well it's turned in to something a little more 

Here is the front cover, I won't give away too much information about the mini album just in case Blossom reads this post :grin:

Lots of Distress Inks, flowers, ribbon, tags and bling will be in this little baby!  Background papers are all from the Kaiser Black & White Timeless 61/2" paper pad.

I'm hoping to have this finished before I visit her at the end of the month but not liking my chances
:( .  I must say I am having a blast playing and being creative.  I will give you little sneak peeks over the next couple of weeks of some of the bits and pieces I'm going to include, then once I have given it to Blossom I can show you the whole thing... cover to cover :grin:

What crafty thing are you working on right now!

Have a great day!

March 14, 2012

March 13, 2012

Chemistry 101... here I come!

Hi Scrappers, who's up for a bit of messy stuff... yep, Chemistry 101 here I come! 

I was never good at all the science stuff at school, or math or english or history or....hahahaha you get the picture.  So why take up Chemistry now... well it's Creative Chemistry 101 the fun kind of course.  I've signed up for T!m Holtz 2 week online course, I'm so excited to learn all the different ways to use all the creative goodies that come out of his studio.  Classes start 19th March... YIPEEEE! I soooo can't wait to learn new stuff. 

Shame I didn't have this sort of enthusiasm for learning when I was at school... hahahahaha!

Have a great day!

March 02, 2012


Hi Scrappers, I have a couple of journaling cards to share today.  These are similar to the ones I used in my Week 5 - Project Life. 

DOWNLOAD HERE! Enjoy and don't forget I'd love you to leave me a link to your creation when
(Downloads available for a short time only)
you use the journal cards :)
Have a great day!

March 01, 2012

Week 5 - Project Life

I'm starting to panic a little, just a little that I am only up to week 5...eeeekkk!  Deep breath... it's ok if you fall behind, right!!!  I am soooo glad I have the diary, making sure I right down what happens each day really takes the pressure off if I don't manage to get a week done on time.  Having said that though I feel I need to make a better effort too create each week as it happens, so to speak or I can see I will get so far behind I will just stop :(

I can't stop now... I love this weeks pages!  The photo treatments are really adding interest, I love the background and I did add a couple of embellishments to add a bit more detail.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the freebie journal cards :)

Have a great day!