April 15, 2006

Two down - two to go

Yay, another garden bed done, even though the weather report said wind, rain and possible hail! The day was over cast and I thought goody it won't be too hot.....haha....wrong...the sun came out just as I started weeding. It must of been really hot or I am really unfit, don't think I have sweated so much in a long time...lol! Very slowly I am getting there, of course you can't rush a good thing either...:grin:!

I did a bit of painting too, I got some sample pot of colours I thought I might paint the lounge room in, but now we have a new timber dining suite I think I have changed my mind about the colours...hehe...thats not like me!!!! I painted a wall in the laundry in one colour and a wall in the hallway in the other and I think thats where they will stay! Just means I will have to finish off the laundry and hallway now....hmmmm maybe after the garden!

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