May 18, 2006

Oh Hum

In a little depressive mood at the mo.....finding it so hard to get motivated to do anything and I am always tired....blah! I need to make a lifestyle change but not sure what to change or even if I can :sigh:!

Well that is a cheery way to start a! Lets try that again....

DH is having a new imaging photo center installed at work...this sounds like the bee's knees in technology....not being a shy person I hinted that maybe he needs a scrappin person to look after this for him :grin:! Although the reaction on msn was what I was hoping for, we didn't discuss it much when he came home :pooh:! I had so many thoughts whizzing in my head yesterday, this could be a dream job playing with other peoples photos! Sorting out the logistics at home will be my biggest stumbling block, I have always felt guilty for not being home for the children, even thou they are now 19 and 16 I still feel they should have me at home as much as possible! I just know if I go to work for DH the pay will be less, the hours will be longer (include weekends) and I will feel horrible that I am neglecting the teens but I would be so much happier doing something I enjoy! Then I start on the 'what if's'....what if I am no good at the job, what if we can't manage on less money, what if it is too much for the teens! I never used to be such a thinker (god I hate it) I use to just take a leap of faith knowing everything will work out.....what makes me so afraid to have a go :sigh:! Oops, sorry slipped back to that depressive mood!

Ok here is a little trick I have learnt through out my 41yrs of life! When ever depression strikes don't give into it, do something postive, if that something postive is for someone else you feel even better!

Woohoo I think I will post a freebie here on my blog, it is a little something I have been playing around with, if you like it please leave me a comment so I know I am on the right track!

Click on the pic to download, when it opens right click and save file as .png! HGD (have a Great Day)


  1. Ooooh, must be my luck to come over and find a freebie! LOL!!! Thanks, Sammy! Love the colors!

    Hope the blahs have gone away!=)

  2. Hey Sammy - hope the idea about the photo thing works out for you! Love your idea about doing something positive - hope you find a little motivation soon!

  3. glad you are feeling better and made those exciting! huggggs