November 30, 2012

Project Life - where did it go!

OK, OK I'm ready to admit it... my Project Life has gone belly up, yep it's a just not happening and ya know, I'm OK with that.  Instead of pages today I will share a few pics of what I should have put in my Project Life...hehehe.

We celebrated Miss Ivy's second birthday last Saturday with a Blues Clues themed party.  Can you believe this little girl is two 0.0...
I made an iron-transfer of Blue with my Cameo to add to a little top.  She did look cute in her tutu and co-ordinating top.  And boy didn't she love those plaits, ran around for a full 5mins swinging them from side to side and having a wonderful time :)

Miss Ivy's very clever Mummy crocheted a Blue and the Salt and Pepper as cake ornaments, little Miss thought they were just awesome!

And of course what's a birthday without cake and ice cream... it seemed to taste better if you just licked it out of the cup rather than use a!

Have a great day!

November 15, 2012

It's Time for Christmas!

Finally! I've made it to my craft room to start on Christmas card...YAY! I've been madly pinning cards I like to Pinterest, so I have some sort of idea on what I can make. I even bought a pack of three card making

So here are the first few offerings...

November 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

This is a bit of a test post I'm doing from my iPad...

November 07, 2012

Instagram Fun...

A few pics from last weekends photography trip...

Have a great day!

November 06, 2012

The Silly Season has started...

well for me anyway!  OK so it really started about a month ago but I am beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas is just around the corner...EEK!!!

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON - this will definitely be my mantra for this month and the next.  Not that I really need to worry, I couldn't sleep one night last month so I got up and planned out my schedule for October, November and December... hahahaha cos that's what ya'll do when you can't sleep right!

I have to say though I am glad I did this as it really has taken the pressure off, I highly recommend it :)  

Here is a little of what I had/have planned for Oct/Nov...

1. Invites for Miss Ivy's second birthday.  Our gorgeous DIL is doing a Blues Clues theme and asked me to help out with the invites she designed that required a lot of cutting... cue the Silhouette!
2. A tutu for Miss Ivy's birthday...

isn't it gorgeous, I can't wait to see it on :).  I followed the directions from this post by Mandy
3. Christmas cards and calendars for the family are in the works.
4. Organize canvas prints for family members as Christmas presents.
5. This year I am decorating around the front door with swags and present trees either side, way too excited for  Photos to come :)
6. Get cracking on some subway art I would love to have on the wall this Christmas too.
7. As I am working the first weekend in December which is when traditionally we put the tree and decorations up, I am going to do this the Thursday/Friday before.

...and well because that isn't enough I have signed up for three eClasses this month!!!  Yes I did...hahahahaha.  Studio Calico are having a class for the Silhouette, I don't think I can ever know enough plus they had a really cool class kit.  Gossamer Blue are running a December Daily Boot Camp, this one I hope will have me and my album ready and set for December 1st. Last but not least I signed up for {MO}tography over at Jessica Sprague, this class looks like a lot of fun as I learn how to take better pics with my iPhone.

Well that sounds like a bit of a quiet month doesn't it...hahahahaha. 

Have a great day!