November 07, 2013

Card Me Thursdays!

Had a little play at making a baby card for my newest Granbaby!  I just love the onesie cards and this one was pretty simple... I used a Silhouette cut file the only addition was the under collar and pockets!

Some times it is the simplest cards that at the most beautiful!  The words on the front were embossed in sweet!

Have a great day!

November 03, 2013

I Did A Digital Scrapbook Layout!

I know right!!!'s amazing!!! 

This is my first and so far only digital scrap layout for 2013... ooooo doggy it has been a very, very long time since I have created one of these. 

So what caused this digital scrapfrenzy???  

As you may or may not know Digital Scrapbooking Day is Nov 2nd and lots and lots of Digital Stores celebrate with sales and games, etc.  Scrap Orchard is one such site who happens to stock digital kits from a Designer I love...Kristin Aagard.  Kristin is giving away this awesome little kit called Snap On in 4 parts which you have to collect... one from her blog, her facebook page, Scrap Orchards facebook page and to get the last part you need to participate in a Scrap Orchard forum game called Connectfour.  So I am, well i will be when I have been granted forum access... and this is the layout!  All digital...Woot, Woot!!!

I forgot how much fun it was to do a digital layout!  How about you have you digi scrapped lately?

Have a great day!

October 21, 2013

Super Organized!!!

Now please don't be hate-in on me but I've started workin on my Christmas!  To be fair though I really only started so I could join in the Simon Says Stamp blog challenge!

It was great motivation to start and secretly I'm kinda pleased I have, one more thing I can tick off my things to do pre-Christmas list...YAY!

October 16, 2013

December Daily 2013!!!

That's correct December Daily 2013, my post title is not a!  I have finished my album ready for this year...Eeeeeeeee!!!  So flippin excited!!!  So can't wait to use it!!!  Oh... hang on it's only October...hahahhahaha!

So, why so excited?  Well the month of December is crazy insane for me.  Between working extra hours and all the decorating and cooking and shopping...etc, I struggle to fit in crafting of any kind.  Last year I attempted to be in front of the eight ball and ordered a December Daily kit from Studio Calico, unfortunately the kit didn't arrive until after December started ...and I'm still working on that album :) 

Anyway, back last year I fell in love with Simple Stories Handmade Holiday range and bought a few bits and pieces in preparation for this year. Love, love, love Handmade Holiday!!!  I digress ...hehehehe, while at Scrapfest 2013 I participated in a workshop by Simple Stories and created an I Love Summer Sn@p album.  WOW... the workshop sure did open my eyes on how to embellish the Sn@p albums to give them a bit of pop!  My Project Life Sn@p album is sure going to get a make!  Being so inspired by the workshop I decided to make a start on this year's December Daily album over the weekend, meaning to do a little bit each week ...but once I started I just couldn't stop!

And this was the result.... (warning lots of photos)



 I have heaps of embellished pages and pockets for photos and journaling and I have lots of blank pages to be creative with depending on what I use them for.  I used my silhouette for the cutout pages and pocket cards, aren't they cute! 
So what are you doing for Dec Daily this year... buying a kit, making one from scratch or going Digital?  I'd love to know!

Have a great day!

October 07, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102!

Creative Chemistry 102 is about to begin... and I for one am very excited to learn a bit more from the Master of Distress...Tim Holtz!

Last year I was a Creative Chemistry 101 graduate and I loved every single day of class.  I learnt so many tips and tricks on how to use and play with inks, stains, stamps...etc.  The lessons were easy to understand with notes and videos to follow... definitely one of the best online classes I have ever taken.

Tim really is a Master Craftsman, this I can honestly say after having attended one of his workshops at this year's Scrapfest held in the Mall of America.  Tim has a way of speaking so that you feel not only motivated but confident to give any technique a try.  He comes across as a very genuine person and very approachable, not to mention one of the most amusing Teachers I have ever encountered.

Really looking forward to class on Monday, registration is still open if anyone is interested in joining me!

Have a great day!

September 24, 2013

Project Life Catch-up - May and a Freebie!

I love my May pages, I think because there is a bit more white in the mix.  I decided that more of my my journaling needed to be on a white background with colour behind the photos.  The pages are looking a little cleaner, which I like alot!

and the freebie... a couple of journal cards I made for this month!  Download HERE!
Have a great day!

September 19, 2013

Project Life Catch-up - April the other half!

I've been using my Silhouette a little more and I must say I like the effect.  The cut files give the pages a bit of depth without too much bulk. Even though I am trying to keep my pages flat, I think I am going to need an other album before the year is!


Have a great day!

September 15, 2013

Red Sox, Walking and Cheers - AA Day 7

We got to watch a second game at Fenway Park around lunchtime today, Red Sox vs Yankees.  I though it only appropriate to wear my Red Sox...hehehehe.

What a crowd!  What excitement!  We seriously don't see or experience anything like this at home.

More gorgeous buildings...just can't get enough of these.
We had better seats today just behind home plate... Yankees didn't win again but I got some good action shots.

 The guys in yellow were everywhere selling hotdogs, drinks, popcorn, fairy floss, pretzels, cracker jacks... you name it and there seemed to be hundreds of them.

Let me just say the drivers in America seem to be crazy, mad drivers... this maybe in part because we can't get the hang of the traffic signals and the cars drive on the wrong side of the road...hahahahaha! During peak hour times the police are out directing traffic and keep everything moving along. 

More gorgeous buildings...
We managed to find the Cheers Bar, much to hubby's delight so decided to stop and have some dinner.

I am so absolutely rapt that Ketchup is everywhere not sauce and Lipton is the tea on offer.  We are still having a few problems with the language when ordering beverage.  Don't ask for a white tea... you will be looked at like you are a very strange person and they won't understand but if you ask for a black tea with milk you won't have a problem.  Coffee... while you maybe able to get a cup on any street corner beware, it is not the instant coffee we have at home.  Drip coffee is the norm or latte/cappuccino.  Oh and if you would like lemonade ask for sprite *wink*. 
So we got up walked to Fenway Park, watched a game then walked to the middle of town for dinner at cheers.  After which we walked the long way back to the hotel instead of catching a cab or bus.  I'm telling ya we walked miles and miles but if we hadn't I wouldn't have got this shot of Boston at night.

Have a great day!

September 14, 2013

Project Life Catch-up - April

I have to say I really, really love Sn@p Life...I love the vibrant colours, I love the ease of putting each month together, I love that I can change it up each month by adding bits of my own design.

...and here is half of April, I didn't want to post too many pages and bore you all too much!

Have a great day!