April 02, 2006

Sunday Blues

Ugg.......I thought I should do the ironing! I am sure it breeds in the cupboard, I swear there was like 5 years worth, then decided if I throw it all in the bin problem solved........hahahahahaha (oh I wish)! I truely do hate ironing by the time I finish, my legs ache, my back hurts and I am depressed! I could of been scrapping.....wwwaaaaaahhhhh!

Hehe but not all was lost I did create a header for my blog!

1 comment:

  1. oh wow...you read my mind with this one. I have so many clothes to wear...if only I would break out the dreaded iron. I HATEEEEEEE to iron,lol. sigh...now I have to do it since I saw you did yours!