May 12, 2006

Ever have....

one of these moments???? I got up late this morning (again...must turn the alarm on) so did DH, still tired! Immediately start thinking of all the things I have to do at work, which co-worker will be the first to harangue me for computer advice, which co-worker will be the first to whinge coz something is not done their way, my mood was not improving! DH is in the kitchen (only room for one and he doesn't like people near him...not a morning person) and I am sitting at the breakfast bar with DD listening to her talk about what Uni offers what course, yadda, yadda (this I really enjoy coz most mornings she doesn't speak to anyone.....also not a morning person, lol).....time is marching on so DD gets up to grab her stuff for school....her seat at the breakfast bar is taken by DS (just woke up)...DD comes back into the room and DS says hello, which is ignored (not unusual), he makes a few good natured comments...DD then comes up to us and leans in...I'm thinking she is going to give me a kiss goodbye and lean towards her....nope she was just reaching for her lunch so I make a few good natured comments....she then makes a point of going to Dad and gives him a big kiss and hug plus 'have a nice day' is thrown in with one of the cheekiest smiles I have every seen......DH is trying his hardest not to laugh....DS and I look at each other and burst out laughing.....just one of those times when we are all smiling and laughing together sharing a moment...needless to say this brightened my mood considerably.....I was still smiling on my way home from work....sometimes life doesn't get any better!!!!!!

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