April 17, 2006

Why oh why do holidays have to end?

I have soooooo enjoyed the past four days off! Unfortunately thoughts of work are intruding in my mind.....blah.....it's hard to be creative thinking of work! I do so wish I could stay at home but then that has always been my wish.....:sigh: finances just don't allow it at the moment!

At least I got this LO done before the yucky work thoughts intruded....hahaha!

Pretty Pastels Kit by SammyD (available soon at SDK)


  1. I was feeling exactly the same way on Tuesday before heading back to work. At least we have a few Public holidays coming up!!

  2. awwwwwww...what a cutie bug! Love it! And I totally know what you mean...I used to live for holidays...ahhhh!