January 03, 2014

Have you heard the news!!!

Archivers is closing it's doors *insert sad face*... while the news is not surprising, it is still sad.

I am so grateful last year I was able to attend, what turns out to be the last Archivers Scrapfest event ever!!!  So many good memories from a fantastic trip I hope I never forget... on that note here are a few of the highlights from the weekend to help me remember how awesome it was!

Mall of America - O.M.G. totally blew me away with it's size... and the shops, so many shops...lol!!! The only Mall I have ever seen that has a huge amusement park inside!

Welcome to Scrapfest 2013!!! 

I attended workshops on Friday and Saturday.  As you can see by my map of the mall below, I marked out what workshops and Make&Take booths I wanted to see so I knew well in advance where I had to be.  I didn't want to get lost in the Mall of America...hahaha!

Day 1 - First workshop was with Tim Holtz (of course)... what a class, in a word brilliant!

The Man himself and goodies from the workshop!
I took a mini suitcase with me each day to carry all the goodies we were given from the workshops attended.  Can not tell you how invaluable it was. I would have needed four extra hands to carry everything, we were given that much! 
Day 2 - More workshop goodies...
Best workshop of the day was with the very lovely Heidi Swapp... and even more workshop goodies!

I learnt many new techniques, I was introduced to a lot of awesome craft product and meet some of the nicest ladies, who like me love to craft.  I had such a great time, a truly awesome weekend.
So thank you Archivers for organizing Scrapfest, I know a lot of the ladies I met will be very sad that not only Archivers the company but Scrapfest will be no more.  
Have a great day!

January 02, 2014

One Little Word...

My One Little Word this year... MORE!!!

I saw this on pinterest and loved it...

I definitely want to do less sitting and looking at a computer screen and MORE doing... especially MORE creating! 
Have you picked your One Little Word for 2014 yet?

Have a great day!

January 01, 2014

Welcome 2014!!!

I love a New Year, it's all shiny and new... full of possiblities!

Have a great day!