August 07, 2006

Fiji Time......

Yes, we have been and come back, our short stay in Fiji was over toooooooo quick! What a fantastic place to holiday!

Accommodation View from the Coffee shop we had breakfast at!

NO TV, DH forgot to get his mobile set to international roaming so NO phone! We could only sit on the beach, swim in the pool, drink and eat *sigh* how awful.....hehe!

We spent a day on an Island, ooooooo I so wanna go live there, it was just heavenly!

Bounty Island, we were the only ones there, well us and about another 30 people....good job we knew them!

One night we had entertainment provided, it was too cool, well not for the blokes with the torches.

And everything was done in Fiji a very slow pace! This suited me just fine, so much so I am still on Fiji time.....hahahahaha! I did try and convince DH to buy a boat and we island hop for the rest of our lives but he wouldn't be in it (no sense of adventure)!

Do you like the cool pics, thank you Canon 350D/Rebel XT, was a bit naughty and bought it before we left! I am so impressed that I took these photos, not cut off heads or shots of the floor, just got to learn how to use it properly now!

Well I'm off, I have a kit to finish....with a tropial theme of will compliment my part of the SDK freebie!


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  1. Lucky you - so glad you enjoyed your holiday (and that you came back too!!) Great photo's - and congrats on the new camera!!