March 31, 2012

Day 4 - Chemistry 101

More watercolour fun...

I learnt today my collection of stamps is about as woeful as my collection of archival  Stamping was never something I got into as I didn't like the effect and my colouring in with markers is the pits. So when the first technique asked for a stamp with open areas all I could find was this bunch of flowers...bahahahaha, but hey at least it was something and I could still practice watercolouring with Distress Re-inkers.  Technique #2 called for Distress Re-ink misters that you can create yourself, if you have mini mister bottles of course (something else to add to the list) oh and stencils o_O, who uses stencils these days.  I think I have some of those... somewhere in a room... in a box... in a folder or something, will have to go on a hunt - maybe next week...hehehehe.

Last but not least, and I love this technique too - Technique #3 creating your own custom stamp pad!  How awesome is that butterfly stamped image, the stamp pad I created will last for hundreds of stampings and can be re-inked when necessary.  Customized, unique stamp pads... ooooo I just get so excited at the possibilities of what I could create!  Hmmm but first I better buy some cool stamps :wink:

Have a great day!

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