March 31, 2012

Day 2 - Chemistry101

Class is in...

I have become obsessed with Tim Holtz vintage style every since a friend pointed out his 12 Tags of Christmas tutorials last year.  I have been on a mission every since to buy everything he has developed as well as learn how to use the darn stuff.  Low and behold just when I was really starting to get into all this inky business, along comes a course on how to use all the goodies I've bought...YAY! 

I was a little late to classes due to holidaying with my girl but have proceeded to play catch up.  Day 1 of class was an introduction to the different types of inks and dyes and their properties.  They say you learn something new everyday, so far it's

Day 2 had us spritzing and flicking, playing with brush-less watercolour and wrinkle-free distress.  A couple of these techniques I had picked up during the 12 Tags tuts, but brush-less watercolour???  Let me just say I can not draw or paint to save my life, thank goodness these are not required for this technique.  Brushe-less watercolour relied on my ability to ink a stamp, spritz it with water then stamp it onto watercolour paper... I think I have just found a new crafting love :D

So much fun and new things learnt!

Have a great day!

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