September 11, 2013

Mets in Action - AA Day 4

Up at a reasonable hour, quick breakfast, jump on a train to Manhattan Business District.  Have a bit of a wander around and take a few, love, love NY!



On today's agenda is a walking tour of the Manhattan Business District's finest Deli Carts... yep Deli Carts are like the hot dogs vendors you might find outside local nightclubs back home.  The major difference is Deli Carts actually have real food at a fraction of the  We will be sampling foods from 5 different carts with an average cost of $5 a meal, I tell ya if we had these in Australia at that price I would never bring lunch to work again.

Why are there so many people selling food on street corners??? Simple... there is little to no retail space available for rent and what is available is so astronomically priced the average joe could never afford to rent.  Instead enterprising people with a food product to sell get themselves a licence and a cart to setup shop on the street.  How to tell a good Deli Cart from the rest...look for the line of people waiting to be served, the longer the line the better the food is.

We had Cajun jerked chicken & rice, Falafels, Pizza, Korilla and Belgian Waffles with Dingus... and every single bite was AWESOME!  Must remember to buy some Dinges on our return trip to NY to take home!


sidenote:  Had to laugh, the other people on the tour... all Australians!

We returned back to our hotel for a quick coffee before heading off to our very first Baseball Game at Citi Field.


Our first American Hotdog...



and some baseball...



Australian Glossary
Deli Cart: Mobile Cafe, Take Away, Sandwich Bar
Jerked Chicken:  Jamaican  spiced chicken
Korilla: Korean food cooked on a grill and thrown in a tortilla
Dinges: term used when you don't know the name of an object or item... commonly know as STUFF

Have a great day!

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