September 12, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Times Square - AA Day 5

We have a free day today so we're up and off to do a bit of walking, destination is Brooklyn via the subway.  After a pleasant walk from the subway we strolled across the Brooklyn Bridge...

Can I just say the weather was glorious!

The views were fantastic... this is Manhattan Bridge.

and the end of Brooklyn Bridge...

Being so close to Central Park via a couple of train stops we decided to take a stroll down 5th Ave. Stopping to buy some cosmetics from the MAC store and Lindt  5th Ave is amazing, so many big brand names all together in one place.  If you love fashion and pretty things then a walk down this street while in NY is a must. 

As we made our way to Central Park for a horse and buggy ride, what should we spy but the Apple store... which meant it was time for a photo!

What could be more romantic than a horse and buggy ride through Central Park at dusk?  Nope can't think of anything.  Watching NY light up for the night was so pretty.   Unfortunately about 3/4 of the way into the ride it poured down rain, making us a tad  

What better way to dry off but to walk right!  So we did, to Times Square to find dinner...

Where else would you want to eat in NY... Bubba Gump Restaurant was fabulous.  We only had to wait 15mins for a table and it was worth it.  The menu was everything shrimp of course cooked to perfection. While the meals were not huge, they were very tasty and the atmosphere...awesome! 

We had an after dinner stroll around Times Square.  What a place!  The streets were packed with people and vehicles... and noise... and LIGHTS!!!  WHAT A PLACE!!!  I loved every single second of it!

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