September 10, 2013

Yankee Stadium - AA Day 3

Man did we sleep last night... I guess staying awake for near on 48hrs will do that to you.  Up around 8.30am, quick breakfast and it was time to find a train and work out the subway system.  

Being raised in Queensland, I am use to a good rail system that is fast, on time (mostly) and there are always lots of trains going where you need... but the New York Subway!!! blows my mind.  We passed a train yard that had at least 12 trains lined up ready to go.  The system is so easy to follow, coloured coded and numbered for ease of use, just awesome.

We grabbed a train to Grand Central then swapped trains to Yankee Stadium.  As we had arrived well before our tour at Yankee Stadium started we took sometime to shop the Yankee Team store, have lunch and take a couple of photos.

This man didn't really believe we were really at Yankee Sadium until we were inside! The tour was fantastic... stood next to the field, 

saw the museum 

and had lunch with a legend - Roy White!

Back on the subway heading to Broadway for dinner and a show with my sister and her hubby before retiring for the night!

Have a great day!

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