September 15, 2013

Red Sox, Walking and Cheers - AA Day 7

We got to watch a second game at Fenway Park around lunchtime today, Red Sox vs Yankees.  I though it only appropriate to wear my Red Sox...hehehehe.

What a crowd!  What excitement!  We seriously don't see or experience anything like this at home.

More gorgeous buildings...just can't get enough of these.
We had better seats today just behind home plate... Yankees didn't win again but I got some good action shots.

 The guys in yellow were everywhere selling hotdogs, drinks, popcorn, fairy floss, pretzels, cracker jacks... you name it and there seemed to be hundreds of them.

Let me just say the drivers in America seem to be crazy, mad drivers... this maybe in part because we can't get the hang of the traffic signals and the cars drive on the wrong side of the road...hahahahaha! During peak hour times the police are out directing traffic and keep everything moving along. 

More gorgeous buildings...
We managed to find the Cheers Bar, much to hubby's delight so decided to stop and have some dinner.

I am so absolutely rapt that Ketchup is everywhere not sauce and Lipton is the tea on offer.  We are still having a few problems with the language when ordering beverage.  Don't ask for a white tea... you will be looked at like you are a very strange person and they won't understand but if you ask for a black tea with milk you won't have a problem.  Coffee... while you maybe able to get a cup on any street corner beware, it is not the instant coffee we have at home.  Drip coffee is the norm or latte/cappuccino.  Oh and if you would like lemonade ask for sprite *wink*. 
So we got up walked to Fenway Park, watched a game then walked to the middle of town for dinner at cheers.  After which we walked the long way back to the hotel instead of catching a cab or bus.  I'm telling ya we walked miles and miles but if we hadn't I wouldn't have got this shot of Boston at night.

Have a great day!

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