September 13, 2013

Beautiful Boston - AA Day 6

 In for a cool change according to the weather app but so far Boston is warm.  We had to stop for food as soon as we got off the plane as I was starving... Boston airport food gets two thumbs up.  We grabbed a couple of salad rolls and figured if the food was good enough for the Pilots we saw lined up waiting to order lunch, the food must be OK.

Short cab ride to the hotel, checked in to a King Suite... which is HUGE compared to our last hotel  and time to find a Starbucks.  Lucky for us there is one right next door... we were a little worried that I would have trouble finding Lipton Tea in America so I bought teabags from home with me but Liptons is everywhere.  What we are having trouble finding is just regular instant coffee for

We took the long way back to the hotel after coffee, down beautiful tree lined streets.  

The houses are all two story on small blocks with small gardens but they are just full of plants.

The houses are all shapes, all sizes, in a varitey of colours...

It was a very relaxing to walk down quiet suburban streets after the noise of LA...
Tonights baseball is Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees at Fenway Park... 
OMG!!! The carnival atmosphere before we even entered the park was electric!  

So many people, so many cars, so much noise, so very exciting!!!

Hubs laughing at me coz I am taking photos of him while we are surrounded by so much going

Hotdogs to go with the Baseball...

What a game, what a crowd, what a fantastic night...

Boston we LOVE you!

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