July 16, 2013

A Beautiful Wedding...

But lets be honest aren't they all!  Hubby and I had the pleasure of attending a nephew's wedding a couple of weekends back.  A gorgeous day in far north Queensland, a beautiful Bride and fantastic reception... we really are so very blessed to have been a part of it all!

I did have just a little bit of a hand in the invites and some signs... so much fun to make but I couldn't do any of this without photoshop and my cameo.  Thought I would share a few pics of what we did.

My gorgeous (new) Niece had a butterfly theme so the invites were designed with this in mind.  For the RSVP and Wishing Well, I used the print and cut setting on the cameo...love, love, love this feature! 

Helpful tip of the day - have a spare cutting mat and blade at the ready if you ever decide to do multiple cuts of one design that is a little intricate.  I was tearing my hair out at one stage because the cutting blade would skip sections of the design.  Turns out lots of paper fibres had got inside the blade housing and was making it stop... a new blade fixed that issue.  A new super tacky mat will help to keep most of the paper fibre on the mat too.

I used the print and cut setting again for this sign that went on the front of the Wishing Well 

and the Wishing Well... isn't this pretty and so easy to do when you have a ton of organza, a hot glue gun and some super cute butterflies cut with the silhouette cameo.

It was after I took this photo I noticed the ribbons weren't even on the sides...lol.  Good job I spotted the oops be for the Bride-to-Be saw it!

Have a great day!

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