July 17, 2013

When two become one...

Do you remember back in the day, when weddings had Ushers to direct people where to sit in the Church... Bride's family and friends one side, Grooms the other.  The recent wedding we went to wasn't quite so formal and I offered to make up this sign for the happy couple after seeing something similar on Pinterest...

Now this sign was fun and a little challenging as I had to learn how to make text look like chalk in Photoshop.  Truly I don't know what I would do without Google...hehehe.  Yep Google searched how to create a chalk text in Photoshop and found some blackboard backgrounds.  I printed the sign onto canvas which I think really helped give a realistic blackboard/chalk effect.

The Thank You sign was another pinterest find... what a lovely way for the Bride and Groom to say thank you on the day to all the people that are important to them.  Photoshop to the rescue for the text and my Cameo to print and cut.  First time I had really played with patterned paper for rosettes too.  Oh and I embossed the butterfly to give it a bit more depth and texture.  Again a super easy project that turned out great.

Have a great day!

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