September 06, 2012

Click Your Heels Together!

Hi Folks...

I'm off to see my girl again tomorrow and I can't go without taking something I have made for her.  Just a little something to remind her of home and that she is loved very much, not that she needs it :)

I was looking through my silhouette files and saw one for a Stiletto Shoe.  I remembered purchasing the shape just for my girl as she is a bit shoe mad but didn't really know what to do with it.  It was only after a comment she made on facebook the other day about being homesick that I thought the Stiletto would be perfect for a pair of...  RUBY RED SHOES!

I hope you can see the SERIOUS! bling on these shoes...hehehe!  They were a bit of a challenge to photograph and as hubby pointed out on a different background they would have looked better... but when you are rushed for time in the morning before work - ya get what ya!

I purchased a piece of red A3 card for the outside of the shoes and cut the shapes with the Silhouette.  These pieces I then ran through my 5" Xyron for maximum sticky before adding Burgundy Glitter Ritz.  The inside of the shoe was a piece of patterned scrap paper from my stash. 
Before assembling the outside of the shoe I burnished the glitter, which gave it a really good sparkle and of course made the glitter stick tight to the pieces.  I assembled the shoes following the instructions using just craft glue.  In a few places like the really curvy curves I had to hold the pieces together for a bit.  I was expecting the glitter to come off quite a lot but it didn't, so mess was minimal...YAY!
All that's needed is a little sign...CLICK YOUR HEELS TOGETHER THREE TIMES and repeat to yourself... THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Have a great day!

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