September 18, 2012

Back on the Wagon!

The Project Life Digital wagon that is...

...well because you see I kinda of fell off, fell behind, just plain ole didn't do it each week :(  I managed to scrap up to week 12 but by then I was sooooo far behind, I just stopped making pages.  I was and still am taking heaps of photos each and every week though, these are placed it in a file called 'un_sorted' in folders named with dates and the week number and this is where they sit.

I just knew this would happen! I know myself too well! I really didn't think for one minute I would keep up and I'm doing a digital version so it should be quicker right.  I am always so well intentioned, but with Project Life you have to be a little bit more committed than being well intentioned. 
And... here it is for all those like me that really want to do Project Life, but like me have just plain ole stopped... it's not too late to do a catch up! 

Yes, you heard me! IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!! And this is how I am catching up...  I decided I would just do this, no if'ing or but'ing.  I set up another file system called 'my pages' and inside that I created folders named with the week to scrap.  I then went through the 'un_sorted' folders and and picked out photos that spoke to me or I could recall a memory of what happened that week and copied them into the 'my pages' week folder that corresponded.  Phew that was the easy part!

Next I opened a template I wanted to work with, most of my pages are created with template A.  I then went one by one through each of the 'my pages' folders and dropped the photos onto the place holders and saved the template into the folder the photos came from.  I made sure I left blank place holders for journaling and titles on each page to come back too.

So as you can see above... no, my pages don't look too pretty at this stage but they are now set up ready to go.  So far it has taken me about a day to get this far. 

Journaling and putting pretty things on a page is what takes me the longest when I scrap.   I have been writing in a daily journal so at least I have notes to refer too for the journaling.  As to making the pages pretty... well I like to design digital elements myself so this will still be the longest part of scrapping a page but I really feel Project Life 2012 is now achievable and that I will actually complete it for the year :) 

I hope this post gives some of you the incentive you need to catch up or just to Keep Calm and Carry On... with Project Life!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Well done and wishing you all the best... I am also behind but also have notes and photos. Your selection folder sounds like a great idea.

  2. Thanks Libby, I have to say without the selection folder idea I would probably have just abandoned Project Life for the year :( Definitely more motivated to keep going!
    Wishing you the best with your catch up too :)