February 15, 2010

On the Road :)

Hubby and I are off on one of our little photography jaunts.  We will be traveling over six days, with the main destination of Tailem Bends in mind.  Along the way we hope to stop at a couple of light houses that dot the southern Australian coast and pay a visit to several waterfalls in and around these areas.

Day One - Sunday 5 hrs traveling: the day started off great! We said happy Valentines Day, exchanged hugs, kisses and presents...hehehe. Followed this up with a cooked breakfast of Bacon and Eggs, packed the car and set off. Unfotunately we only got 15mins down the road and had to go back, I had forgotten to pack the mobile internet key...DOH! OK, we set off again and made it all the way this time...lol.

First stop was Point Danger lookout - Torquay, a little beach town. From the lookout we were able to walk to the beach, not much sand but lots and lots of sandstone looking rocks. 

Next stop was Split Point Lighthouse - Aireys Inlet, not much to see there and the weather has turned for the worst.

We stopped for the night at Apollo Bay, another lovely coastal town we think. It was fairly dark when we arrived at our accommodation but as it was closed to the center of town we walked to a nice little place for dinner. Unfortunately the weather really turned nasty just as we were finishing dinner, with the skies dumping 3in of rain during the night. Things are not looking good for tomorrow either if the weather forcast is anything to go by :(
Have a great day!

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