February 15, 2010

Otways and 12 Apostles

Day Two - Monday 2 hrs 40 mins traveling: Well the weather is overcast but at least the rain has stopped, fingers crossed the weather improves the further west we go.

First stop Cape Otway the southern most point of Victoria to visit the Cape Otway Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was established in 1846 and decommissioned in 1995, We spent so much time here it was fabulous. As luck would have it the weather was beautiful, while it was very windy the sun was out.

Hmmm...must remember to pack the sunscreen next time, yes we both got sunburn...hahahahaha! Because we spent so much time at Cape Otway we weren't able to visit any of the Falls in the area :(  We still had the Twelve Apostles to visit and a Maritime Village.

What can I say about the Twelve Apostles, the coast line is just stunning. As we were there late in the afternoon, the sun was in the wrong position to take any good photos of the Twelve Apostles themselves but we did get the odd shot of the cliffs, beach and other rock formations.

My photo just don't do these justice, I can finally say I have been on the Great Ocean Road and visited the Twelve Apostles.

Thankfully the Maritime Village tour and Laser Light Show I had booked for dinner was cancelled.  We arrived at our destination Warrnambool for the night by 5.45pm very tired, sun burnt and a bit sore from all the walking, so missing out on the dinner and show was ok...hehehe. The motel room has a spa, oh man I can't wait to climb into that tub and just soak.

We really had a great day and are not too disappointed that we didn't fit everything in as planned. This just means we will have to come back this way again :)

Weather is looking good for tomorrow...woot, woot!

Have a great day!

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