July 03, 2009

Calling YOU!!!

SDK NEEDS a Creative Team and I would like you all to apply...but only if you want to of course...lol. We have three teams you can apply for...

Firstly a Store CT, these are permanent positions and you will get to work with all the SDK designers at some stage. We don't want to tucker you out so only one designer per month - one product - two layouts...WOOT. Second we would love to have some ladies on call, you know like at work when someone is sick and they call you in to cover! OK not like that...hahaha...each week you can have a look at our new releases and decide if you would like to work with anything or not! How cool is that, it's totally up to you...YAY. Thirdly we would like a couple of ladies that love to make hybrid projects...hybrid will be my next hobby, if I can ever tear myself away from the computer to actually sit and put glue on something...ROFL!

So get those typing fingers out and send me your details so we can get you started :)

Have a great day!
hugs Sammy

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