September 08, 2013

An American Adventure!

Today is the prelude to the start of our American Adventure... a little trip I started to think about last year while trying to decide what to do for Hubby's 50th Birthday this year in October.  As a child he use to play baseball and it has always been his dream to watch a baseball game for real in America.  As I had always promised to take him to a game, I thought why not for his 50th that would be something special...right!

So at the beginning of this year we started to look into a we are not typical tourists, we mostly avoid all the touristy type tours and attractions.  Instead we like to explore and discover places for ourselves, seeing and doing things not found in the travel broachers.  One night while discussing where to go and what to do, it dawned on me that if we were going all that way Hubs was not going to see just one baseball game he should see as many as possible.  New York Yankees is his team and it just so happens I have a Sister that lives on Long Island...BINGO! New York here we come.

Our whole trip has been organised by Hubs and our travels will be taking us to New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago (for him), Scrapfest (yes I know that is not a city) for me, then back to New York.  We will be watching a game nearly every night and Hubs gets to visit every baseball field he has ever dreamed of visiting.  To say he is a little excited would be a HUGE

We haven't left Australia yet and as I sit here in the first of many hotels we will be housed in over the next 20 days, I am pretty relaxed and fairly calm.  What an exciting adventure we will have, I can't wait to start it for real tomorrow when we board the plane!

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