March 24, 2013

Simple Notecard...

Help!!!  I fallen into a horrible trap... I spend so much time looking at other crafty peoples projects, for ideas and inspiration that I don't spend much time crafting.  I have sooooo many craft supplies I need a bigger house... no seriously it's an addiction that I feed by telling myself that I am going to use everything I buy, honest I will.  Online shopping will keep me poor at the rate I buy craft products...!  I just have no will power to STOP!!!

Still I'm sure I not alone...hahahaha. To help me in my efforts to do more crafting and spend less time looking, each time I see a tutorial or technique I think.. oooo I would like to try that - I am going to make myself doooo itttttt!!  Right then and there!!! No more saying I will do it another day!!! BAM project complete!!!

So I saw this tutorial on the Silhouette Blog... Simple Saturdays: Small Notecard  ...aaaannnnnd did it!!!  Took me all of about 10mins from go to woe.

I used my sketch pens for the first time ever since I bought my Silhouette over a year ago.  Made a cute little note card and the negative heart that was cutout went inside the card.  A bit of chicken scratching I call hand writing on it and I popped this on Hubby's computer keyboard for when he comes home.

Sweet, simple, super quick and I know it will be appreciated... thank you Silhouette Blog ;)

Have a great day!


  1. I had to give it a try too-need to use those pens!! Very cute! I have made my own sentiments with the pens a couple times and it is so easy!!!

    Your card is OH SO FUN!

  2. Thanks Sue :) Using the pens was fun. Like the sentiment idea, will have to try that next!