December 28, 2010

December Daily Countdown!

Visitors left today :( while I'm a little sad that they have left I'm so thankful and blessed to have had my Dad spend Christmas with us, it has been a very long time.  So I pottered around today and made a start on the paper version of my December Daily Journal.  Getting motivated is hard yakka at the mo, I'm a little fatigued from all the craziness before Christmas I think...hehehehehe.

So here are more digi Daily's...

Day 15 - festive Birthday... Blossom's boy had a birthday, so we all trouped round to their house for cake and coffee after Dinner.  Yummy cake, lots of laughs and cuddles with Miss Ivy!

As I forgot my camera (again) I used Hubby's iPhone, not the best pictures full size but they do just fine the size they are, and I got more photos on the page...YAY!

Day 16 - early Presents... Hubby has wanted a big flat screen TV for a couple of years now but I couldn't see the point when we don't watch TV much and the one we had was perfectly OK.  BUT... this year I caved and he got his big screen TV for Christmas.  You couldn't wipe the smile off his face for days...hahahahha!  Love that man! 

Day 17 - christmas Lights... I haven't driven the streets looking for Christmas lights since Blossom was 14, that was the last time I managed to get the kids in the car to indulge!  This year I had willing participation from our visitors.  So with the list of houses displaying Christmas Lights our local newspaper prints in hand, we set off.  It was a lot of fun and I managed to get a few good photos, I hope I can convince Hubby to indulge me next year too!

Have a great day!
Sammy :D

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