July 04, 2010

New Releases...

Well no new releases from me this week, I am trying hard to finish off a kit but I'm strugglin' to find the time.  My brain has just been all over the place, I'm thinking I need to practice that focus bit again...hahahaha.

I do have a few specials and things a happin' this month...seeing as I am the Featured Designer for July! This week you can pick up my Brag Books, Quickpages and Wordart for just $1 dollar.  Some of the QPs are a 4 pack and the Brag Books are 6 pages to a set, can't get a much better deal than that for price.  Oh... but if you can let me know and you can have them for free :)

Plus... Creative Chaos has just joined the SDK Designer Team and as an opening special everything is 50% Off.  That includes her CU products as well and there is some really great items in the mix.  Now the sale is only until the 11th so you better check it out soon. 

Have a great day!
Sammy :D

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