January 12, 2010

Most Important 10!!!

Are you ready to go on my journey to scrap the 10 Most Important Pages...say what? The 10 Most Important Pages - what am I on about :). While reading a back issue of CK I came across an article by Brittany Beattie. Brittany has a rich family history but... one important story was missing, that of her great-great grandmother. Brittany encourages us take time to document our lives and who we are by creating the 10 Most Important Pages, so our future generations don’t have to wonder who we were. Now this is going to be a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t journal! Looking though my layouts the other day a lot of pages looked unfinished because I don’t journal, now is the time to fix that. Follow along with me as I journal these pages here. I am hoping this will inspire some of you too, to scrap those important pages. I would love to see your layouts and post them on the blog.

So here goes...

First page: 5 random facts about your life – prompts to use: * go to snack * most listened to song * nickname and how you got it * types of books you read * most memorable date story * often used tools or gadgets * your process for baking * favourite type of weather * feelings about shopping

*random fact 1 – I’m a sunny girl, having grown up in beautiful, tropical Queensland. The weather can never be too hot for me and I love humidity, dry heat makes my skin flaky...lol. I liken my love of Sunshine to that song – Sunshine, lyrics go something like... Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. While I love the sun and heat I try and stay out of the sun, having fair English skin I have a tendency to burn not tan :(. Bliss for me would be a holiday on a tropical island - blue water, white sandy beaches with nothing to do but read a book and relax.

*random fact 2 – As a child I loved the world of fairies and magic found in books. Mr Pinkwhistle by Enid Blyton was a favourite but, alas one I don’t have any more. The three Investigators series by Alfred Hitchcock when I was a teen, stirred my love of books further and I haven’t stopped reading since. I still have a tendency to read fantasy but also love horror, sci-fi and everything in between. Dad and I have a few favourite authors that we like to collect, luckily we share the same tastes in books as our ever expanding library can attest to.

*random fact 3 – I’m a lefty, yep that means I am always in my right mind and what a mind it is...hahahaha. While I have never found being left-handed difficult, it has been a source of amusement on many occasions. I grew up in a right handed family which had its challenges. One of my jobs was to set the table for dinner, eventually I got it right...no pun intended. I was very lucky to have an extremely patient sister that taught me how to knit and crochet, thanks Sis (Tracey). We would sit facing each other, she would knit or crochet and I would mimic - like looking in a mirror. As they say what goes around comes around, my own family are all lefties (apart from Dad) including the dog...hehehehe. We have run through the gamut of left-handed items, the usual coffee mugs, scissors, calculators etc. Most of these items were just for a joke but in all honesty, being a dressmaker I really couldn’t live without my left-handed scissors.

*random fact 4 – A quote to live your life by! God grant me The Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I can, and The Wisdom to know the difference. I found this quote in my teens, it made such a big impact on me that I apply this every day of my life. In the big scheme of things I am but a very tiny miniscule part.  The world will not stop turning if I don’t do something right now, worrying will not change what may or may not happen, stress gets you nothing but an ulcer.

*random fact 5 – Food glorious food! I am an ok cook having been taught by my Mum, thank you Mum. A lot of Mum’s cooking was very English, so I Iearnt to cook a mean roast, Yorkshire puddings were a must and who could pass up rice pudding. Once I got married, the object was to impress my new husband with my marvellous cooking skills so we often had dinner parties for two. This helped to broaden my skills as well as my taste buds. I don’t have a favourite food as I love it all, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Italian, French, German, put it on a plate and I will eat it or at least give it a go. Now a days I love nothing more than someone else cooking for me, the food just seems to taste so much better when I don’t have to cook it myself.

YAY...WOOT! WOOT!...YIPPEE...I did it, I really did it :). Well that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and it was just a little bit fun, now to put it all in a layout. I will be back with another Most Important 10 next week, see you all then.

Have a great day!

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