December 14, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

Waaaahhhhooooskies...the Chrsitmas Tree and decorations are finally up.  I came home from work yesterday, dragged the tree out and the tree fairies put it together and decorated for me!  Hahahaha...the tree fairies being DD and BF...that girl sure does have style.  What would have taken me hours to really, it took Dad and I two days last year (it's a freakin big tree), the tree fairies had done in 20mins.  We stuck to our traditions of the kids put the tree together, Dad puts the lights on, Mum trims the tree with tinsel, everyone helps put the tree decorations on...finishing with the star.  All done and complete in no time which left me time to decorate the rest of the house.   I did take pictures of the completed tree but I think I need to use my tripod, I will try again tonight :)

Have a great day!

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