March 04, 2014

Make Your Own Label using the Silhouette!

I figured as I was sewing again it was time I updated my clothing label!  This was the original I had printed professionally, some oh fifteen years ago... hmmmm time for an update right!

So I whipped up a logo in photoshop and opened it in my Silhouette program.  Don't forget to mirror your image so it prints backwards.

I printed it onto the Silhouette Iron On Transfer paper using my ink jet printer and ran it through the Silhouette to cut. 

Once my new look labels were all printed and cut, it was time to heat up the iron.  First of all I removed the excess iron-on material from the backing using the hook tool, then I cut the labels and backing into strips for easier ironing.

I used a satin ribbon 19mm or .75in wide to iron the labels onto.   Read the instructions carefully on how to iron the transfer on...seriously... I am so impatient, I just want to rip that backing off as soon as I have finished ironing and that is usually when I blow it and muck up the transfer!  MUST.WAIT. till it is cool before taking the backing off...hahahaha.  If you follow the instructions this is what you get... awesome looking labels!!!

To finish off the labels I used my pinking shears to cut the edges.  How cute are these...

This was so easy to do and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new look labels... and with that I am off to sew at least one label onto!

Have a great day!

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