June 09, 2013

Scrapfest 2013

OH MY, OH MY! Just received an email containing info on Scrapfest 2013...Eeeeeeeee!

Why so excited... well it just so happens I will be in the USA when Scrapfest is on...Eeeeeeeeee!  It looks like an amazing weekend, chockablock full of workshops, make and takes and crops.  Sign up starts in July so my calendar is already marked.  Just looking at the lineup of Creative Experts is making me dizzy... on my list so far is T!m (of course), Heidi Swapp, Becky Higgins, Robin Huber, Brian Fogg, Kelly Marie Alvarez, ok that will do for starters...hehehehe!  I already have accommodation booked for the weekend too!

In case you hadn't guessed I am so super excited, to be able to learn from so many wonderful talented people all in the one weekend is AWESOME!  If your interested, click on the pic it will take you to the website.  Hey you never know I might see you there *wink*

Have a great day!

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