March 21, 2013

Card Me Thursday - A Stamper I'm Not!

I tell ya somethings I just suck at and stamping would be one of them...

I try, I really do but it's just not a crafty thing I have ever mastered.  Here is a run down of my latest stamping disasters... I purchased the Simon Says Stamp March Card Kit, included was a cute clear stamp set.  The kit arrived Friday but I had to wait until Sunday before I could play, this was good as it gave me time to have a look at what the Design Team had done with the kit. 

OK card no.1 - original by Jennifer McGuire. A rainbow coloured card, the techniques Jennifer shows in her video looked fairly easy so off I went.  I chose a red ink for the first colour and started stamping, I didn't press hard enough so the images were not crisp and one of the stamps had a defect so I didn't get a complete image. No problem lets move on to the next one...

Card no.2 -  original by Nichol Magouirk .  A kraft card stamped with white ink.  Let me just say right now I clean my stamps after each use.  This was the first time I had used white ink and I was rather excited to see it on some cardstock.  Placed a stamp on a block and lightly tapped it on the ink pad... the pad slowly turned pink...eeeeek!  Yep the residual red ink was coming off onto the pad :(  So I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the stamps I had inked red, short of scrubbing them and STILL the red came off on the white ink pad *sigh*...NEXT!

Card no.3 - original by Lucy Abrams.  This started well, I managed to cut the papers and stitch them together.  Next stamp a simple sentiment in black ink on the stitched strip... aaaaaaaand I didn't press hard enough again and only got a partial image.  Unpick the stitching, cut another strip of contrasting paper, stamp again... HURRAH! success this time and stitch onto the front of the card!

Card no.4 - picture of the original supplied in with the kit.  Yep... the sentiment got double stamped coz I moved the stamp -ackkkk!
Card no.5 - original by Shari Carroll.  Here you can see the defect in the flower stamp, not my doing this time...hehehe and the good folks at Simon Says Stamp are replacing it, they are an awesome company to deal with!  But again I didn't press hard enough when stamping the leaves and didn't get a clean image.  The rest of the card went OK, apart from the dodgy cut job on the, I love die cutting for this reason!

You'd think I would have given up by now but no... the next two cards were originally by
 Kelly Marie Alvarez.  I used stamps from another set for the sentiments and I'm happy to say these ones went quite well...hahaha.

I did have a good laugh at myself as I was making these cards, in the end they all turned out OK despite my ineptitude with stamps and ink.  If anything my efforts have spurred me on to try more stamping and eventually I will get the hang of it...  I've always love a good challenge *wink*.

Have a great day!

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