February 19, 2013

December Daily - Finally Started!

Yep it's true here we are February and I have finally started my 2012 December Daily...hahahaha!  This was so not what I had planned ...honest but super happy I have started.

I bought the Studio Calico DD kit with the intention of having my base pages done before December but the kit didn't arrive until December 1st :(  Because December is so crazy busy for me so my window of opportunity had closed.  But hey... starting so late means I have a lot more inspiration to draw on from others that have completed their albums, that's a plus right!

So I scoured the net and pinned a few images and...

...here's the front cover. I had to get a little creative with this as I managed to get a chocolate smudge on it...gahhh!  So a doilie was always going to be a part of the cover...hehehe.
Note to self: Don't eat Christmas chocolates while crafting.

First page... I was trying to create an inviting 'Welcome to December' introduction and think I managed to do that with this page :)

Inside... I painted the chipboard inserts cream, red, blue and green.

Then glued squares of patterned paper around the edge, across half to create a background for the journal pages.  The journal pages were based on Cathy Zielske design and digital stamp sayings are from Ali Edwards store.

This is the layout I finally decided on. One side is the journal/chipboard insert and the other is a plastic pocket for photos.  I will have to get just a little more creative for some of the days, I have heaps of photos to include and not enough plastic pockets.  Just not sure how to display them, I'm thinking I need pull out shizz-nazz stuff or accordion style flip pages.  Still working on that part!

Dividers... between each day's photos I have included a divider card, cut from papers included with the kit.  I rounded the corners on one side and placed washi tape on the other.  I will jazz these up a bit after I have finished putting the main part of the album together.

So there you have it, this is what my December Daily 2012 looks like!  

Have a great day!

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