January 14, 2013

Hello 2013!!!

My title makes it sound like I just started the year and in a way that's what it feels like...lol! 

December passed in a blur as it always does when I work extra and prepare for Christmas, but I kept up with December Daily photos and jotted down notes.  Just in the process of putting it all together, with photos to follow of course when I've finished.  While it was not my intention to complete my DD after Christmas as I really wanted to complete each day on the day (or there abouts) it is just how things worked out.  Still it gives me a goal for this year to have my DD foundation pages ready to go before December starts so I can keep up each day...hahaha!

I can't say the first two weeks of January have been any quieter either :)  Lots of family time, BBQs and enjoying the hot weather with swims in the pool.  This passed weekend we had a visit from a Nephew and future Niece, such lovely people - it was a wonderful weekend.  The weekend did have a purpose which kept C (future niece) and I busy... Wedding Invites...Eeeeeee!  We spent the whole weekend in my craftroom, chatting, gluing, cutting, printing and eating the odd biscuit or two....hehehehe.  We got all the invites for their wedding done including the RSVPs and little Wishing Well notes... a post for another day which will also have a couple of tips for using the Cameo when doing intricate cuts.  We then jumped on Pinterest and found so many cute things we could do for the reception, all pinned ready for another day of crafting ...so excited!

Today I had better catch up on the washing and ironing in between making a couple of Birthday Cards :)  So... Happy New Year ya'll it sure is shaping up to be an exciting one for us and hope I it is for you too!

Have a great day!

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