December 07, 2012

Ooooops...We got it wrong!

Boy I sure do miss having the kids home when it's time to put up the Christmas Tree... it now falls to me and Hubby to put up the tree which means there is room for odd technical hitch ;)

So the tree went up... no problem there, then the lights put in place... no problem there, then we turned them on...

Eeeewwww!!!  You could hardly tell they were switched on, talk about a dim light - very disappointed with the lights on the tree :(  So we had a conversation that went - 'Oh, they are not very good lights are they'  'We should buy some more... didn't we say that last year'  'I thought we had bought new lights' 'wait a minute' opens another box of Christmas bits and hey presto found another set of lights.  Yes we had bought new lights last year and I had forgotten to mark the box and separate the outside lights from the inside! 
So once the lights on the tree were replaced and turned on to double check we hadn't got it wrong again...hehehe, this is what our tree looks like :)

*sigh*  I love a pretty tree, I could look at it all night!

Have a great day!

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