October 16, 2012

Google Reader - The Good, The Bad and a fix!

Hands up who uses Google Reader? *waving hand*

I love it, it helps me stay focused on the blogs I love to read. Without it, I am all over the place on the internet clicking links left, right and centre...hahaha. With Google Reader I have new posts from the 146 blogs I subscribe to, delivered to me each day. Trust me when I say there is no way I would have enough hours in the day to visit each of those blogs to see who has a new post and who doesn't!

And.... here is the not so good bit, I am not actually visiting anyone's blog *sad face*... and there are an increasing number of bloggers that are Truncating posts (you only get a part of the post). While understand why they do this it is not much good to me in Google Reader. Plus because I am not actually visiting anyone's blog I don't leave many a comment - NOT GOOD!

But you know what there is a fix... yep a really easy one too. If you click on your settings button in Google Reader and go to the GOODIES tab you will find a little button that says 'Next >>'.

When you drag this up to your browser bar what happens is... when you open Google Reader and click this next button you will be taken to the first new blog post in your Google Reader list! Yes to the blog post where you can read the post and leave a comment...YAY! Just keep clicking that next button until you come to the end of the blog feeds, you then get the option to return to Google Reader. How awesome is that!

I am so happy I found out about this little tip, now I have the best of both worlds... all my favorite feeds delivered to me and I now visit each blog with a new post :)   Hope it helps some of you too.

Have a great day!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am looking forward to giving it a try :)