October 25, 2012

Christmas Joy

Hi Folks,

I haven't been slack in crafting just a smidgen busy with real life stuff.  I have also been gathering ideas of decorating things to do for Christmas.  If you are on Pinterest you can take a peek at my Christmas Idea's board... aaahhhhh Pinterest how additive you are...lol.

So anyway, after looking at last years Christmas photos I noticed a couple of my walls were rather bare.  This year they will be covered...hahahaha.  Starting with this JOY wall hanging...

I still have to figure out how I am going to hang it, I'm thinking just a piece of ribbon at this stage but you never know ;)

Each piece has a nice 3D effect and I managed to make the letters look a little frosty with glitter and glue.  One project down... only a few dozen to go :)
Do you have Christmas projects on the go yet?

Have a great day!

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