April 16, 2012

Message to My Girl...

Hi Folks...

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was making a mini album for my girl!  The mini was a way for me to let her know how much I miss her now she has moved 10hrs away for work.  I did manage to finish it before I went for a visit...WOOT! and despite myself doubt Blossom loved it :grin:

The pictures below give you an over all view of the album, if you're interested in seeing more detail of what's behind the foldie out bits go HERE to my gallery where you can see each individual page.

The colours and theme for the album came from Blossom's home decor - vintage, french, red and black.  I loved working on this album soooo much!  I wanted the album to not only express my love but also have a fun factor to it, which I think I achieved with the pockets, tags, flip out half pages and pearls of Mum wisdom...hahahaha!

Have a great day!

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