April 02, 2012

Day 8 - Chemistry 101

Hi crafters...

Hey have you heard about sticky backed canvas?  No... well take a look and Tag #1 for today, how awesome does it look ^.^  This would have to of been the easiest tag I have done so far, stamp - paint - stick on a tag, and the result... AWESOME!   Tag #2 for todays lesson didn't come out quite as good as it could of but that's mainly due to the fact I used the wrong colour distress crackle.  But hey it's about the technique right :grin: I will def try this again but with a better idea of what I want the end result to look like...lol.  Tag #3 - oh,oh,oh, don't the flowers look super cool - shattered glass effect, so many ideas buzzing in my head of what I could do this too...hahahaha!

Have a great day!


  1. Great pieces! Your stained crackle pieces really look great! I love the others also, as you got such vibrant colors.. I have to revisit the crackle paint one as I didn't have much luck with mine..as my crackle paint color was way to dark and you can't see my stamping. Ha ha...

  2. Thanks Winnie, I love the shattered glass look done with the crackle paint :) but I love the sticky back canvas tag more, I don't know if it is the texture or just because this tag was so easy, by far at the top of my do again list...lol.