January 10, 2012

Project Life - Week 1

Just so you all know, not sure I mentioned it but I am doing Project Life in a Digital Format.  I am so a digital girl as I find it suits my lifestyle and if I really want there is nothing to stop me printing my pages out at home to add physical bits and pieces, but only if I want a paper version...lol!

I bought the Turquoise Edition Full Collection and Template Design A, I figured one template was enough as you can move the pieces around to create the other templates. I will probably only use a couple of fonts throughout. VT Portable Remington & DJB LAURENT script are two I really like so I'll go with these. If your interested in doing digital you can find ALL of the Project Life kits HERE from JessicaSprague.com and I see there is a Shutterfly version as well.

And here they are... my first pages for Project Life. Seeing as the New Year started on a Sunday, I figured it was a perfect day for me to start too, so my pages will cover Sunday-Saturday. This gives me all day on the following Sunday to get my pages together, now that's a plan I like =)

As you can see week one features a lot of Miss Ivy. I think this will be a trend...hahahaha, but a very delightful one.

Things learnt so far - saving full size layouts in a tiff format gives me the freedom to go back and correct my typos...

Have a great day!

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