January 05, 2012

Hello 2012!

Welcome to a New Year, how exciting is that!  As each new year begins, I'm always excited about the possibilities!  This year Hubby and I have started off with Goals and Plans for the next 10 years.   WHAT? 10 YEARS!  Yep Hubby is always the one to look at the BIG PICTURE, me not so much as each day is the BIG PICTURE for me, lol... but really it wasn't so scary making plans for the next 10 years, and it was kind of fun.  See... so many possibilities =)

All this future planning got me to thinking what craft goals I would like to accomplish for 2012. Keeping in mind my time restraints, my ability to leave everything to the last minute, my effectiveness at doing nothing and wanting to do every new project that flashes before me eyes...phew!  So much to do and so little time so... I made a list!

Project Life: last year I did a project 12 and managed to keep up... YAY!!! go me. Each month's page was very basic, a photo and one line text of the event, this year I would like to expand on my basic idea and include more journaling and maybe, just maybe turn it into a project 52... hello Project Life!

Card Making: I will make a card for every family member's birthday and post it on time (repeating this mantra each week).

Scrap Challenges: I need to participate more in challenges as they help push me out of my comfort zone.  One a fortnight should be do able, I love sketches so this will be my thing and besides they are fun!

Handmade Gifts: These are to go with those handmade cards and with a view to Christmas... yes I said Christmas...hahahaha.

Scrap Projects: (this almost needs a list of their own) Calendars, Christmas Cards, December Daily, 12 Tags of Christmas, Albums of various sizes: mini, CD, 6x4, photobooks - I'm going to attempt one project a month.

Now to get myself organized I am making good use of Outlook's Calendar, I just love the reminders it sends me and the fact I can see at a glance what is happening in any one month.  Plus as I am going to put more focus on finishing projects started, I will have lots to show throughout the year!

Setting goals is kinda liberating =)  Have you made a plan for the year?



  1. great to see you have scheduled reminders. I also put mine on a 12 month calender so I can pace myself. I am a newbie to project life this year. We are patiently waiting its arrival in the UK

  2. Oooo I hope Project Life arrives soon for you Lorraine. I decided to go with the digital to see if I would stick with it, fingers crossed...lol.

  3. Wow! 10 years is a bit scary for me. :D Love your 2012 goals!

  4. LOL I hear ya Ellie on the 10yr plan... initially the conversation started with what are we going to do this year and before I knew it the next 10years were planned out =)