October 23, 2011

Simple Things - New Sheets

Making the bed today I pulled out a new set of sheets I'd bought on sale.  Now normally new sheets is nothing to get excited about, sheets are sheets - right.  If I pay more than $5 for a sheet then they are too expensive and you know it's the perceived value for money that makes me buy cheap.  It is just a piece of material after all, as I am a sewer I have a fair idea of the real cost...hahahaha.

I accept that cheap fitted sheets always have a snug fit, so snug they seem to come off the matteress during the night.  Plus there never seems to be enough in the top sheet to tuck in and the pillow cases are a little on the snug side too, but you can always squish the pillow in and hope the seams on the case don't burst...lol.

Well all that changed last year when Blossom, after hearing of my sheet purchases declared that from now on for christmas each year we would get a set of good quallity sheets as a gift.  Good quality sheets...really how good could they be?  Well Christmas arrived and so did said sheet set, 500 Thread Count sheets to be exact... who knew sheets came with a thread count, the higher the count the better apparently and if I buy any I am not allowed to get lower than 500 Thread Count!

Were they good... oh my goodness... YES!  We litterly slid into bed the first night we used them, these things felt like silk in comparision to the previous sheets.  I was converted, never again would I buy cheap sheets.  The very next day I madly threw out all the old sheets sets, great plan then I couldn't slip back into bad habits and cheap sheets, except... now I only had one set of sheets...DOH!

So it has taken me awhile to buy another set of sheets as I've been waiting for that BIG SALE, you know the 50% OFF Sale, the yearly crazy prices sale, the sale where I can justify to myself that although the sheets are more than $5 they are not full price.

So what did I buy - a 1000 Thread Count sheet set... were they cheap even at 50% off... no sireeee but the quality and feel of them made me swoon =) .  Making up the bed today with these sheets was a pleasure, they feel like the ones hotels use and to my delight fit perfectly... not snug.  My tip, if like me you have never been enthusiastic about sheets treat yourself to some 500 Thread Count sheets (or higher) I'm sure you won't regret it, they are devine!

New Sheets.... such a simple thing I know but I am soooooo excited to sleep in them tonight.

Have a great day!

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