September 17, 2011

Freebie... Check!

1.Have breakfast... check
2.Visit facebook... check
3.Wash hair... check
4.Visit facebook... check
5.Clean bathroom and toilet... check
6.Visit facebook... check
7.Start the washing... check
8.visit facebook... check
9.Post freebie...

Hmmm... I obviously have way too much time on my hands if the number of times I've visited facebook are anything to go by...LOL!

OK enough of my visiting facebook ^.^ I have sooo many good things to tell you and a new freebie to give away... WHOOP! WHOOP!

I have a store again...Hoorah! Link in the nav bar at the top of this page or just go here :) So while I was getting the store up and running, I thought of a neat way to say thank you when you shop without you having to jump through hoops to get it. I've called it SHOP & SAVE, probably not a new name or idea for that matter but an easy way for you to save moolah (money) when you shop :)

I also have the gallery up and running again but not sure what is going to happen with that yet. I'll keep ya posted :)

I have finished my Christmas Cards, yes I did say Christmas Cards. I have to keep looking at them to make sure they are real, I don't believe I have actually got them done...YAY go me!

I had so much fun with my Big Shot machine... and the freebie today is the date tags (not sure what you would call them really)...hehehe!

This is just a print and cut jpg sheet, but of course you can cut and paste in your scrapbook program too! DOWNLOAD HERE!
Have a great day!


  1. I can't wait to try these delightful Christmas Tags! Thank YOU!!! :-)

  2. You're welcome Jan, I've made the link a zip file so it should be easier to download now :)

  3. Love these...thanks so much for sharing them!
    - Coyotejewel

  4. Sammy it's wonderful to see your new store :) Thank you for the tag freebies.

  5. Ooo glad you like them Coyotejewel, have fun with them :).

    LOL... thanks Ellie, the new store is not too different to the old one but I love it :)