July 19, 2011

Remember this...

I had an awesome day yesterday, why yesterday was so good I don't know but there are so many memories of Miss Ivy I don't want to forget...

- watching Miss Ivy discover new things, her curiosity with the world is fascinating
- the smiles she gives to us all day
- wanting both Grandma and Grandaz within line of sight, can't have one without the other... love
- Miss Ivy making a new face, a funny little o with her mouth and breathing in and out quickly so it makes a whistling sound

- fearlessly launching herself at the ground from a standing position, while we watched with great fear...lol
- how quickly she moves from one object to another, made me tired just watching
- her delight in finding the baby in the mirror and giving her kisses
- they way she looks at photographs of people on the walls, a photo of Daddy made her smile the most
- Grandaz and Miss Ivy banging on pots in the kitchen
- being snuggly when tired
- our unending joy at being part of this little girl's life.. love

Have a great day!

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