May 21, 2011

The Start - Officially

The conference is over...YAY!  Another great year and lots for fun times but now is the start of our official holiday.  Hubby can relax and enjoy the beautiful and very warm Top End of Australia with me.

The sun is shining with just a slight haze sitting over the city. 
Today we are packing up and moving hotels.
While we wait to checkin to the next hotel, a leisurely stroll around the waterfront and lunch...yum!

Then a took in a tour around the Aviation Museum that houses a B-52, just in awe of how big these planes are! Had a fun trip back to town on the Bus, it was an experience...hehehe. 

Getting ready to go out to dinner at Hogs Breath and a take in a movie later.  A great way to start a holiday!

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