May 23, 2011


5:30am start to the day, a quick breakfast and hotel check out in time for our tour pickup at 6:30am.  Greeted by a very happy Jesu our tour guide and driver, for the next 4 days. First stop for the day was a look at Cathedral Termite mounds and Magnetic Termite mounds.

On to Florence falls, those that we're brave enough went for a swim in the rock pool below :) 

then on to Wangi (Wongi) Falls. Unfortunately no swimming here as there were crocodiles in the area.

One last swim at Buley Rockhole before traveling on to Katherine for the night.

Our guide is fantastic, very knowledgeable about the animal and plant life we're walking through.   So far I've tasted a green ant, eaten flowers and several kind of berries, I know which tree has little pockets of water and the type of palm leaves to use to weave baskets.  We've even managed to see a bit of wildlife...

We've had a wonderful day and just a little weary, a nice dinner and off to bed I think will round out the day perfectly!


  1. Beautiful photos, Sammy! I'm enjoying this virtual trip :)

  2. Thanks Ellie, the photos really don't do the colours of nature justice!