April 19, 2011


I've had one of those days, a productive one that is...lol!  I love days like today, from the minute I get up everything just flows smoothly =) 

Mondays start with a cooked breakfast...YUMMY.  Followed by a bit of computer time - checking emails, reading facebook, following blogs...HOORAY for Google Reader.  I did a wee bit of digging in the garden as it was a beautiful, sunny day.  I went for two walks, folded the washing, topped up the chlorine in the pool, mowed the lawn, finished watching the third Lord of the Rings movie and got together bits and pieces to make a cot quilt for Lil Miss...

Isn't this cute :)  I've only had the cot panel for 15yrs (yes I'm a hoarder) but very happy to finally put it to good use.  I figure I will sew this at night on the days I work, as I am a bit brain dead and too tired to play on my computer.  

Then I finally finished off making the cards I've had sitting on my craft desk for the past month.  This first card is for the March Create a Card Challenge, a bit late but hey.  The photo doesn't show it but the brown card is metallic and the patterned card has lots of glitter...

and this second card is for the April Create A Card Challenge, I really wanted to make this card three dimensional so everything is mounted on double-sided sticky foam.

...and now it's time for me to go to bed!  Do you have productive days?  I'd love to hear what you do!

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